Laboratory Policies

In the interest of establishing and maintaining the level of communication necessary to ensure a professional working relationship, we feel it is quite important that the following policies be expressly stated and understood:



We value straightforward communication between doctor/staff and laboratory; we feel good bilateral communication is the foundation upon which a successful working relationship is based.  We enclose a Feedback Form with each completed case.  We appreciate input from the doctor regarding preferences in finished work and we customize our finish adjustments for each individual doctor so as to minimize chair side adjusting.  We sincerely appreciate regular feedback regarding our crown and bridge work, as we are committed to continuous improvement in the quality of our product and service.

We welcome visits to our laboratory at any time; we invite you and your staff to inspect our facilities.  We encourage you to bring your staff to our lab so that they can obtain a first-hand awareness of the processes and procedures involved in fabricating dental crown and bridgework, as we have found that such an awareness truly enhances our overall ability to provide you and your patients with the quality of service you seek.

Financial Policy


We invoice each case as it is completed and returned to your office.  We send statements on the last working day of each month for each case invoiced during that month.  These statements are payable upon receipt; prompt payment is sincerely appreciated.  A service charge may be assessed for any unpaid balance over thirty days.  Unpaid accounts may be assigned a COD status.

Case Turnaround

We ordinarily require 10 full working days for each case; we reserve the right to require additional working days for large or particularly specialized cases.  While we certainly understand that situations can arise where a rush case is required, we would hope that you could minimize them as much as possible, as shortened schedules disrupt the processing of other cases and generally interfere with our production scheduling and ability to minimize staff overtime.  We do not feel the need to charge additionally for rush cases at this time, but we would request that you contact our lab as early as possible to advise us of any particular rush scheduling needs.



Remake Policy

We at Rothan Dental Lab, Inc. are quite proud of the fact that we have a very low percentage of remakes.  This is a direct result of the technical skills of the doctors we serve, the care and concern of their staffs, as well as our own technical abilities, knowledge, and commitment to excellence.  Because we have so few remakes, we take great pains to discover the root cause of each so that we can address any inconsistencies in our own processes and procedures which may have contributed to the problem.

We will absorb the full cost of any remake that is due to an error by our technical staff.  However, any doctor contacted by our staff and advised of a potential complication with an inaccurate impression, or questionable bite registration, who then authorizes the work to be completed, will assume full responsibility for any associated remake fee.  We reserve the right to split the fee associated with any remake of questionable origin.  All remakes are evaluated on a case by case basis.

In-Lab Custom Shading

In lab shading is available (under the Full Spectrum VITA lights we have throughout our entire lab) for patients whose natural tooth color is difficult to gauge, or for those needing custom characterization.  This service is provided at no additional charge.  We have courtesy cards with directions to our lab for your patients' convenience.  Please call in advance to arrange for this service.


Crowns Fit to Existing Partial Dentures

As so many people who wear partial dentures are uncomfortable without them, we understand their reluctance to give their partials up for an entire two week period.  If this is the case for your patient, we will gladly work with them, being as flexible as possible within the constraints of our working schedule, to allow them to get their partial denture back when we are not actively using it to properly fit their crown. When fabricating crowns which must be fit to an existing removable partial denture, we need the partial during the following steps in processing:

-pouring the pick-up impression, twice if possible   (approximate working time in lab 2-3 hours)
-articulation and waxing/designing substructure (2-3 hours)
-porcelain application and final fitting (3-4 hours).

The above mentioned work must be done on three different days, with varying amounts of time in between.  Direct communication between the lab and the patient is typically required to coordinate schedules.  We have courtesy cards with directions to our lab for the patient who prefers to stop by the lab to pick up or drop off their partial denture.  You may also download/print a Patient Education brochure here that describes the process.


Lab Shutdown

So that we and our employees may schedule family vacations, the lab shuts down for one week during the summer every year, and for several days during the Christmas holidays.  We’ll advise your office as to specific dates when applicable.