Our Range of Product Materials


At Rothan Dental Lab, Inc., we use only the finest materials available in our effort to provide you and your patient with the finest possible prosthesis.


 VITA, the industry standard for vacuum fired porcelains. We use VMK95 and VMK MASTER for VITA Classic and 3D shades in PFM applications. In addition, we’ve incorporated VITA’S newest line of veneering porcelains, VM9 for all ceramic zirconia applications, VM7 for alumina, all in VITA Classic and 3D Master Shades. These porcelains offer exceptionally biocompatible, esthetic results designed to satisfy the long term and esthetic needs of the most discriminating patient and doctor.

Crystal Zirconia, made from fully traceable FDA Registered Yttrium Zirconia, is offered in three formulations: High Strength, High Translucency, and Crystal Diamond Full Contour. This zirconia has the highest relative flexural strength of available dental restorative materials, as well as the highest relative translucency, and exhibits best in class wear characteristics against opposing enamel. We design our zirconia products on our 3Shape Optical Scanner, and mill with DelCam NC Programming software on our Dental.Mill IV milling machine. After final sintering in our Nabertherm High Temperature Furnace, Crystal Zirconia is stronger than gold, titanium or other dental alloys!

IPS e.max Press utilizes biocompatible lithium disilicate glass-ceramic ingots. They offer the fit, form and function which is expected from pressed ceramics. In addition, they offer improved flexural strength (400 MPa). With optimized esthetic properties creating all-ceramic restorations that offer true-to-nature results has never been so easy.

CERPRESS SL, the highly fluorescing pressable ceramic from Leach & Dillon. Cerpress with Sensation SL porcelain is a low fusing leucite reinforced ceramic system designed for single unit restorations, inlays, onlays and laminate veneers. These restorations are beautiful!

PREMISE INDIRECT, from Kerr Lab, is the best of the new class of heat-and-pressure cured indirect composite systems. Premise Indirect is kinder to opposing dentition than porcelain, has a coefficient of thermal expansion more closely aligned with that of natural dentition, has excellent opalescent qualities, and is extremely strong and stable (98.5% polymerization). It is excellent for metal free inlay/onlay applications, and with CONSTRUCT Reinforcing Fiber System, metal free Maryland bridges.


 PRISMATIK THINPRESS, leucite reinforced pressable ceramic with exceptional strength allowing for no prep and minimal prep veneers.



We currently use Argedent 65SF, a 65% gold, 26% palladium High Noble alloy for porcelain fused to metal restorations, and W.E. Mowrey No. 120, a 50% Gold High Noble alloy for full cast restorations. We also have Jensen JRVT (77% Au) available for full cast applications requiring a higher gold content. These alloys are fully ADA approved and all have excellent track records.


We provide IdentAlloy and IdentCeram certificates with every restoration.